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Nickname: UKGentleman

  49 Jahre / männlich

Kategorie: sucht eine Frau

im Alter: 40 bis 57 Jahre

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Ort: Hamburg

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Flirttext: simplyness has nothing in common with primitivity

In the last passed Years, i have lost all my good feelings, my faith, my own trust and all my Hope, to find the happy End for my long hoped relationship.

A long depressing bitter path of cruel insanity permanent losing.

And that is now the Point, why i am never ever send a Message at FIRST.
I am also never reclick the Visitor, who has taken a look into my Profile.
My Computer and this Webside are always running in the Background, i dont care what happen here and for only one Time each Day, i check my Mail inbox.

Ich mag:

Simply the Best → Your first Step → send me a Message  → swap the Telephone Numbers → Telephone call → Dating → maybe a Relationship → pure lucky togetherness

Ich mag nicht:

I know that I have to follow the Path, the Way and the Road that the crowds move on. But for me, i am only see, that every Way, every Road and every Direction is only a dead end into the deep and dark Abyss


I am not smoking.
I am not a Alcoholic.
I am not agressive
I am never a choleric
I was never and i will never be a brainsick Stalker

I am never get into violence 

or get into Rage or into any anger.

I am patiently for a long time.

I am calmly on the best Level

in all Times, i am always british sober

I am always enjoy the brisk of the outdoors

and i love to walk into the Sun

But unfortunately it is impossible for me to finally find my great Love.


Fischkopf seit: 10.08.2020